Productivity Tools

Get working & get productive without sharing your documents with random people who decide to snoop around.

Productivity Tools


CryptPad logo CryptPad is a private-by-design alternative to popular office tools and cloud services. All content is end-to-end encrypted. It is free and open-source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code. The development team is supported by donations and grants. No registration is required, and it can be used anonymously via Tor Browser.


Etherpad logo Etherpad is a highly customizable open-source online editor providing collaborative editing in real time. Here are a list of sites that run Etherpad. We recommend the NixNet Etherpad Instance. logo is a cross-platform, privacy-oriented blogging platform. It's anonymous by default, letting you publish without signing up. If you create an account, it doesn't require any personal information. No ads, distraction-free, and built on a sustainable business model.

Worth Mentioning

Metadata Removal Tools


MAT2 logo MAT2 is free software, which allows the removal of metadata of image, audio, torrent, and document file types. It provides both a command line tool and a graphical user interface via an extension for Nautilus, the default file manager of GNOME.


ExifCleaner logo ExifCleaner is a freeware, open source graphical app that uses ExifTool to remove exif metadata from images, videos, and PDF documents using a simple drag and drop interface. It supports multi-core batch processing and dark mode.